There are so many emotions when it comes to buying or selling your home. After all, to you it's much more than a financial transaction; it's the beginning of an exciting new chapter in life, for both you and your family. But the residential real estate process is complicated, with several moving pieces.

Without someone in your corner, it can all t a bit overwhelming. That's why you need to partner with an expert, one whose vision you trust , to help you take those pieces and fit them together, seamlessly, into the picture of your perfect home.
I am completely vested in my clients, and in the overall relationship they have with me as their agent. As a mother and homeowner myself, I owe them no less than that. I've proudly earned my reputation as a passionate, yet even-tempered guide at every stage of the real estate process. I am direct and realistic when setting expectations, and will communicate with you daily as changes in the marketplace occur. With me at your side, you'll never be left alone. You'll have a hand on your shoulder every step of the way.

"Lindsay is the ultimate professional. She guided us through the process of preparing, listing, and selling our home with unparalleled efficiency. Our home sold in just three days. We appreciated her calm approach and her thorough understanding of the local market. I highly recommend her."

To potential buyer, your house is a property; one listing in a neighborhood full of possibilities. But to you and your family, it's home- a place full of memories you've spent years making, together. Put your faith in me, and I'll make sure that everyone learns the true beauty of your home, as if they were seeing it through your eyes. Together, we'll tell its story, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Lindsay was both a professional and a friend through our multiple buy and sell transactions. She cares about her clients, listens to concerns but is forceful when necessary to advocate based on her experience. She also found creative ways to get through the inevitable issues that come up in real estate negotiations and closings. In a world where you can't trust everyone's intentions, Lindsay operates with integrity and skill.
Ryan S.

We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Lindsay on both the sale of our first home and the purchase of our new home. She did a wonderful job of marketing our home and framing the opportunity from multiple perspectives. We appreciated that she made the time to answer our countless questions and brought creative solutions to the table when there wasn’t a clear way forward. When we were searching for our new home, Lindsay went beyond our basic requirements to understand how we would use the space both in the present and future. The house we loved had multiple offers but she knew exactly what to do to help ours stand out. Without a doubt, we wouldn’t have ended up in the perfect home we have now had we not been working with her. In addition to her own experience, one of the things that sets Lindsay apart is the fantastic network of trusted industry resources she has built. From understanding the costs of renovating to finding a carpenter or painter, she was always there for us with a helpful contact. We also chose to work with her lending partner and attorney and they couldn’t have been a more exceptional team. Lindsay understood that buying and selling a home was more than just a financial transaction to us. It’s clear that she cares about the clients she works with and never loses sight of what is most important to them. She’s truly the best at what she does and we couldn’t have hoped for a better real estate partner. We’d highly recommend her to family and friends.
Katie P.

Lindsay successfully sold our home and helped us navigate the purchase of a new home both in Western Springs, IL. Our experience with Lindsay was overwhelmingly positive and we wouldn’t hesitate to refer friends and family to Lindsay. We found Lindsay to be the consummate professional that aggressively marketed our home and found the right buyer during the slower fall season. Lindsay is an expert in the Western Springs residential market and her experience was critical to identifying our next home in the same elementary school neighborhood.
Adam C.